This is a series of publications made for 50 Lux, Village Cinema’s, and a Master of Design at Swinburne University.


Blackground the zine    Blackground was created with Cansu Bakar and Stella Anyaogu. It is political in nature, highlighting the gap in working people and those on welfare cards.



Ecco Design Phase 3

A project that sought to improve the site at 134 Bourke Street Melbourne, Australia.



How might we

This project looks at SMS as possible medium for educating people about health issues.



50 lux - Issue 4

This was one of 10 magazines published between 2013 and 2017 on photography and photographic techniques.



RosieThis publication looks at service robots for dementia patients and the aged.




Village Cinemas

This project was for Village Cinemas and investigated the interiors of auditoriums.